Collaboration that moves forward.

Transform your team into a more productive and purpose-driven one.

The benefits of collaboration and empowerment are often overlooked when it comes to team sustainability and staff happiness. However, we have seen again and again that organizations who shift their focus to highlight and build upon the shared strengths of their team members see a dramatic increase in engagement, employee satisfaction, and quality of outcomes.

We will work with you to develop an environment where each employee can play to their strengths, work as a team, and discover their own leadership role in the success of your organization.

Together, lets co-create unique processes and transform your organization into a powerhouse where everyone feels they are working towards a common goal and purpose.

O Strategies can help you...

Ensure that everyone in your organization has a strong sense of shared purpose.
Encourage every person to make decisions that have a real impact.
Rethink your management structure and create leadership at all levels.
Alison - team member at O strategies
Myriane has a way of quickly putting folks in her presence at ease. She is attentive, passionate and engaging. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two of her workshops and I learned so much.
She was born to do this work!

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Michèle Nadeau
Executive Director​
YWCA Moncton
Myriane has a way of quickly putting folks in her presence at ease. She is attentive, passionate and engaging. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two of her workshops and I learned so much.
She was born to do this work!

Check out the Case Study
Michèle Nadeau
Executive Director​
YWCA Moncton
Myriane is a skilled facilitator who is able to adapt her style and open space model to work well with groups from diverse backgrounds. She works hard, honestly and is a pleasure to work with.
Jill Mulholland
Government of New Brunswick
The person who accompanied us in our project was always available for questions and/or comments and proposals. She was really patient with the young people, attentive to the different needs and very flexible to the needs and requests of the young people. It was a great experience.
Phiautha Dantiste
Special projects and partnership coordinator
Thanks to O Strategies for delivering a comprehensive and visually stunning report following a dynamically facilitated series of sessions with our Youth council.
Caroline Bujold
Manager - Jeux de la francophonie canadienne
From our very first meeting, Roxane Dupuis accompanied us in as we scoped, developed, and fulfilled our project together. With support of her team of co-creators, she was able to engage our partners, ask the right questions, listen with care, and analyze the ideas that emerged in order to develop our forums content in a way that surpassed all of our expectations. Co-creation at its best! Kudos and thanks to the team at O Strategies, and particularly to Roxane, for their confidence and leadership!
Natalie Gagné
Programs and operations manager
Santé en Français
Roxane from O Strategies accompanied the FPFM during a day of team building and strategic planning. Roxane was attentive to our needs, and developed a full slate of activities and guided discussions which capably responded to those needs. Our team offers their thanks to Roxane for her capable facilitation skills and open mind. We felt comfortable and well taken care of while working through our objectives.
Brigitte L'Heureux
General Director
We enjoyed our experience working with O Strategies. We especially liked the approach. It was easy to understand, even for those who were new to our organization. The way they do things really allows for dialogue and gives everyone a chance to express themselves.
Chantal Young
General Director
Sports en français
An extraordinary service! Passionate facilitators who guided the Francophone Educational Services team (from the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development) around a common theme. The Open Space approach allowed each member of our team to engage in deep thinking on topics they are passionate about in an atmosphere of shared leadership, collaboration and respect. O Strategies stands out for its effective planning, its dynamism and its high level of professionalism. A great experience from start to finish!
Vivienne Sprague
Francophone Educational Services
O Strategies was able to accompany us during our consultation process as part of our strategic planning. The feedback from the attendees was very positive and they really appreciated the experience.
Marie-France Doucet
Director of Strategic Management
Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick
O Strategies was exactly what our team needed! Professional, competent and human, Myriane knew how to put us in confidence by sharing tips and practical tools to mobilize our team towards the achievement of our objectives. A must!!!
Myriam Larochelle
General Director
Our experience with Myriane and her team was a unique and very beneficial experience. It brought together our entire team and opened the communication channels so that everyone can get to know and understand each other better. This by sharing our roles, our functions, ideas, goals, ambitions and even fears - not an easy thing! Enriching, soothing, almost-therapeutic experience!
Iris Auclair-Bernard
Design Built Mechanical - VBS
You know that the experience is positive when you return for services several times. Working closely with the team at O ??Strategies is always a positive and effective experience. Thanks to their knowledge, we have been well supported in various projects such as an update of our employee policies. Always able to offer their expertise, they generously offered workshops during the COVID crisis that we followed and learned a lot thanks to their knowledge.
Roxane Dupuis
General Director
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