Transform your team to move forward

Horizontal organism

Transform into a more productive and purpose-driven organization.

Flatter organizations have better performance. Employees are engaged and are responsible for their passions. It increases agility and speed and allows for individual and shared purpose.

Our team will help you set a baseline on how horizontal you are, and co-create a plan to transform your organization to a flatter, more agile one. We help you ignite your organization’s Purpose so you can start moving in the right direction.

Does your team know why they are doing what they’re doing?
Do you know you micro-manage but don’t know how to stop?
Flatter organization seems like the right solution, but seems impossible?

We help you transform your rigid structure into a more horizontal one that will give all your employees the opportunity to play an active role in finding solutions to your organization’s problems.

We’ll Help You Re-think

your management structure and transform your organization so that...

Every employee is able to make decisions that have real impact.
You’ll have the agility required to respond quickly to change.
It will be “boss-free” in the traditional sense.
Feedback and transparency are valued.
You can leverage today’s technology to flatten your organizational structure.

Everyone in your organization will feel a strong sense of shared purpose.

People we’ve helped

A structure for Success


Bottom-Up Approach to Strategy


Myriane has a way of quickly putting folks in her presence at ease. She is attentive, passionate and engaging. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two of her workshops and I learned so much. She was born to do this work!

Michèle Nadeau

Executive Director

YWCA Moncton

Working with O Strategies was an absolute pleasure. Myriane and her team are the ultimate professionals and brought the expertise and focus to our strategic planning process that we needed.

Denis Melanson

Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association

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