Case Studies

Your success
is our success

Hear it directly from the people who have walked a mile in your shoes.

We love finding new ways to untangle today’s complex issues and could probably talk about it all day. But we get it—we’re a little biased on the matter. 

That’s why we’ve asked our clients to tell you about their own experience. They know the results and the impact of our methodologies first-hand, and are best positioned to tell you exactly what you can expect.

Here’s what they had to say:

Design Built Mechanical Inc. - VBS

Mechanical Contracting


Lacking common vision
High staff turnover
Low morale


Updated HR manual
Better sense of purpose

Services received

Open Space facilitation
Coaching (human resources)
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Government of New Brunswick

Governmental Agency


Need of a new strategy
Lack of engagement


Created space for dialogue with local entities
Community informed strategy

Services received

Open Space facilitation.
Strategic planning tools and recommendations.
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