Accelerate your Journey to success


Coaching to get you from
point A to point B

We’re not here to fix something that’s wrong with you or make you do things our way. That’s not what coaching is all about. Our job is to listen to you and build a caring relationship so that we can..

Help you make changes, both big and small.
Help you recognize opportunities to learn.
Ask questions that help you uncover your personal vision.
Help you make decisions that lead to growth and change.

We focus on what’s important to you, not what’s important to us. It’s all about your dreams, not ours. It’s what you value, not that we think is right.

We’ll Help You Uncover

Your dreams.
How you see yourself.
Your values and passions.
What work you want to do.
Your strengths and your weaknesses
A roadmap that will take you from here, to there.
Who you want to be. Who you really are.

People we’ve helped

A structure for Success


Bottom-Up Approach to Strategy


You know that the experience is positive when you return for services several times. Working closely with the team at O ​​Strategies is always a positive and effective experience. Thanks to their knowledge, we have been well supported in various projects such as an update of our employee policies.

Always able to offer their expertise, they generously offered workshops during the COVID crisis that we followed and learned a lot thanks to their knowledge.

Roxane Dupuis

Directrice générale du Conseil Jeunesse

Provincial du Manitoba 

Working with O Strategies was an absolute pleasure. Myriane and her team are the ultimate professionals and brought the expertise and focus to our strategic planning process that we needed.

Denis Melanson

Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association

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