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Foster Innovation From Within

Innovation is key to sustainability and growth. We teach the tools that will propel your team into an innovative culture, and out of that funk. Stop reacting to change and learn how to detect, understand, and anticipate change, while having the agility to move forward.

How is your organization supporting innovative thinking?
Are you supporting your team in the right way?
Do you have the right tools to help them grow?

We use innovative techniques that allow everyone in your organization to participate and contribute to solutions. From Liberating Structures, Art of Hosting, Agile, Design Thinking and Open Space Technology. We also design custom processes.

We'll help you...

Foster a work culture where it’s OK to be unorthodox. Innovators are free spirits who can’t perform if they feel stifled.
Learn to spot trends before your competitors do.
Learn to talk about your core competencies and assets as an organization instead of your products and services.
Learn how to keep a close eye on your customers or clients. You’ll learn how to spot what’s working for them and what’s not.
Clearly define what “innovation” means for your organization. If you can’t define it, you can’t manage or measure it.
Create plenty of opportunities for innovative thinking. You’ll develop an appetite for “out there” ideas. Don’t laugh. Innovation is about being slow to dismiss new ideas, even when they seem a bit weird.
Stay client-focused and human-centered with amazing tools
Figure out how your organization is going to recognize people who innovate.
Create an appetite for innovative thinking.

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A structure for Success


Bottom-Up Approach to Strategy


O Strategies was exactly what our team needed! Professional, competent and human, Myriane knew how to put us in confidence by sharing tips and practical tools to mobilize our team towards the achievement of our objectives. A must!!!

Myriam Larochelle

Directrice générale

Famille petite enfance Sud

Myriane is a skilled facilitator who is able to adapt her style and the Open Space Model to work well with groups from many diverse backgrounds. She is hard working, honest and a pleasure to work with.

Jill Mulholland

Government of New Brunswick

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