Myriane Ouellette

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Myriane has over twelve years of experience in all types of organizations. After completing her bachelors in Business and Masters in Public Administration she became an Open Space Technology, Liberating Structures and Art of Hosting Practitioner. Her keen eye for observation and her strong analytical and organizational strategy development skills allow her to quickly grasp the challenges of her clients in an ever-changing environment. As comfortable in the private sector as in small and medium-sized businesses or non-profit organizations, Myriane draws inspiration from the cultures of the organizations she works with and puts them on a growth path by defining their added value.Passionate about Organizational Development, Strategy, Open Space Technology and the development of collaboration tools, Myriane constantly challenges her expertise and commitment in organizational culture through an on-going process of training and skill development. Her participation in numerous charitable activities and boards of directors has allowed her to better understand the synergies between the different players of the economic and community development ecosystem.