Nicolas Rajoelina

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Nicolas holds a Master's degree in Management Control and Operational Audit (MCGAO) as well as a Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit (MCCA) from the Institut National des Sciences Comptables et d'Administration d'Entreprises (INSCAE) and the IAE de Poitiers respectively. In order to have a more versatile position and a broader vision on the world of entrepreneurship, he continued his training with a Master in Business Administration - Cooperative System at the University of Moncton. During his university career, he was able to develop his skills through internships where he was able to work in multiple environments and working conditions, and also through his active participation in extracurricular associations, particularly in his home country of Madagascar. Entrepreneur and curious by nature, Nicolas likes to learn and discover new things and uses this character to evolve through O Strategies where everything is in perpetual evolution and where innovation is part of the company culture. Moreover, nurturing the same values as O Strategies, Nicolas is inspired by this environment to develop professionally and humanly. This has awakened in him a greater sense of desire to participate in the realization of community needs while offering him a sharper lens on the social environment and how to understand it in its complexity. Grateful to be a part of the O Strategies team, Nicolas aspires to use his knowledge and skills to benefit the company and the vision shared by its members in a sustainable and consistent manner.