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A Collaborative Approach to Transforming Your Organization

At O Strategies, we use a co-created approach and work directly with you and your team to achieve your goals. We are equipped with a unique set of collaborative tools and processes to help your organization enable innovation, clarify your strategy and foster leadership.

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Strategic Planning
We’ve developed a methodology called ART that will not only help you keep your organization healthy, but will also turn it into a learning organization. This is key if you want to remain competitive.



Group Engagement
We use innovative techniques that allow everyone in your organization to participate and contribute to solutions. From Liberating Structures, Art of Hosting, Agile, Design Thinking and Open Space Technology. We also design custom processes.



Horizontal Organism
We help you transform your hierarchical organization into a more horizontal one that will give all your employees the opportunity to play an active role in finding solutions to your organization’s problems.



Coaching for Leaders
Our leadership coaching services will teach you conflict resolution strategies that really work (rather than just promise) including how you can leverage group dynamics to enhance your team’s cohesiveness and performance.


People we’ve helped

A structure for Success


Bottom-Up Approach to Strategy


Myriane is a skilled facilitator who is able to adapt her style and the Open Space Model to work well with groups from many diverse backgrounds. She is hard working, honest and a pleasure to work with.

Jill Mulholland

Government of New Brunswick

Our experience with Myriane and Oliva was a unique and very beneficial experience. It brought together our entire team and opened the communication channels so that everyone can get to know and understand each other better. This by sharing our roles, our functions, ideas, goals, ambitions and even fears - not an easy thing!

Enriching, soothing, almost-therapeutic experience!

Iris Auclair-Bernard


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